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Atlas de una pasión esférica

Atlas de una pasión esférica

Author: Toni Padilla, Pep Boatella
Publisher: GeoPlaneta
ISBN: 8408195387
Year: 2018-08-30
“Lo que finalmente sé con mayor certeza respecto a la moral y a las obligaciones de los hombres se lo debo al fútbol.” Albert Camus Atlas de una pasión esférica reúne 34 historias de todo el mundo unidas por un nexo común: la pasión por el fútbol. Una pasión capaz de elevarse sobre conflictos bélicos, fronteras, prejuicios atávicos o discriminaciones de género para erigirse en un monumento a la dignidad humana. Este atlas recoge historias narradas en un estilo ameno pero con gran rigor histórico, con emocionantes ejemplos de superación personal (comola lucha de la primera persona transgénero que llegó a ser futbolista internacional o la escuela de fútbol que salvó la infancia de cientos de niños bosnios durante la guerra)y del triunfo de los valores deportivos sobre las adversidades (por ejemplo, la delos soldados de la Primera Guerra Mundial que hicieron una tregua navideña para jugar a fútbol con los enemigos).
An Atlas of Countries that Don't Exist

An Atlas of Countries that Don't Exist

Author: Nick Middleton
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452158835
Pages: 240
Year: 2017-03-21
What is a country? Acclaimed travel writer and Oxford geography don Nick Middleton brings to life the origins and histories of 50 states that, lacking international recognition and United Nations membership, exist on the margins of legitimacy in the global order. From long-contested lands like Crimea and Tibet to lesser-known territories such as Africa's last colony and a European republic that enjoyed independence for a single day, Middleton presents fascinating stories of shifting borders, visionary leaders, and "forgotten" peoples. Beautifully illustrated with 50 regional maps, each country is literally die-cut out of the page, offering a distinctive tactile experience while exploring these remarkable places.
Football Against The Enemy

Football Against The Enemy

Author: Simon Kuper
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1409137856
Pages: 256
Year: 2011-07-21
The classic winner of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award. Throughout the world, football is a potent force in the lives of billions of people. Focusing national, political and cultural identities, football is the medium through which the world's hopes and fears, passions and hatreds are expressed. Simon Kuper travelled to 22 countries from South Africa to Italy, from Russia to the USA, to examine the way football has shaped them. At the same time he tried to find out what lies behind each nation's distinctive style of play, from the carefree self-expression of the Brazilians to the anxious calculation of the Italians. During his journeys he met an extraordinary range of players, politicians and - of course - the fans themselves, all of whom revealed in their different ways the unique place football has in the life of the planet.
Puskas on Puskas

Puskas on Puskas

Author: Rogan Taylor
Publisher: Robson Books Limited
ISBN: 1861051565
Pages: 241
Year: 1998-03

On the Map

On the Map

Author: Simon Garfield
Publisher: Gotham Books
ISBN: 1592407803
Pages: 464
Year: 2013-11-05
Examines the pivotal relationship between mapping and civilization, demonstrating the unique ways that maps relate and realign history, and shares engaging cartography stories and map lore.
Pocket Surgery

Pocket Surgery

Author: Melanie Goldfarb, Mark A. Gromski, James M. Hurst, Daniel B. Jones
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 1451180411
Pages: 352
Year: 2012-01-18
Prepared by residents and attending physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Pocket Surgery, follows the style of Pocket Medicine, one of the best-selling references for medical students, interns, and residents. This pocket-sized loose-leaf resource can be used on the wards and by candidates reviewing for board exams. In bulleted lists, tables, and algorithms, Pocket Surgery provides key clinical information about common surgical conditions in all areas of surgery, including breast, critical care, cardiothoracic, gastrointestinal, colorectal, vascular, pediatric, plastic, transplant, transplant, and endocrine.
Dare to Fall

Dare to Fall

Author: Estelle Maskame
ISBN: 1492670316
Pages: 352
Year: 2018
A new swoon-worthy, high-stakes romance from the author of the internationally bestselling Did I Mention I Love You? trilogy Recovering from a family tragedy, MacKenzie Rivers has seen firsthand the impact death can have. So when her crush, Jaden, unexpectedly loses his parents, MacKenzie decides to step back. Then MacKenzie and Jaden come face-to-face for the first time in months. MacKenzie has missed Jaden more than anything - but can she dare to fall for the one person she's afraid of growing close to?
Spaceman of Bohemia

Spaceman of Bohemia

Author: Jaroslav Kalfar
Publisher: Sceptre
ISBN: 1473639972
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-08
"When Jakub Procha is sent into space to examine a cosmic dust cloud covering Venus, it may be a solo suicide mission. Dreaming of becoming a national hero and desperate to atone for his father's sins as a Communist informer, he leaves his beloved wife behind and launches into the galaxy. But things aboard spaceship JanHus1 quickly turn weird, and, to make matters worse, he soon learns that his wife has disappeared without a trace back on Earth. As his spaceship hurtles toward an unknown danger and his sanity wavers, Jakub encounters an unlikely fellow passenger -- a giant alien spider. He and his strange arachnid companion form an unlikely bond over late-night refrigerator encounters, where they talk philosophy, love, life, death, and the incomprehensible deliciousness of bacon. But when their mission is thrown into crisis by secret Russian rivals, Jakub is forced to make violent decisions -- recalling the tortured past and dark political heritage he's buried -- in a desperate quest to return to his Earthly life. Packed with nail-biting thrills, exuberant heart, and surprising and absurd humor in the lineage of Kafka and Vonnegut, Spaceman of Bohemia offers an extraordinary vision of the endless human capacity to persist -- and risk everything -- in the name of love and home"-
Sh*t My Dad Says

Sh*t My Dad Says

Author: Justin Halpern
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062002945
Pages: 176
Year: 2010-05-04
“This book is ridiculously hilarious, and makes my father look like a normal member of society.” —Chelsea Handler “Read this unless you’re allergic to laughing.” —Kristen Bell “If you’re wondering if there is a real man behind the quotes on Twitter, the answer is a definite and laugh-out-loud yes.” —Christian Lander, New York Times bestselling author of Stuff White People Like Tuesdays with Morrie meets F My Life in this hilarious book about a son’s relationship with his foul-mouthed father by the 29-year-old comedy writer who created the massively popular Twitter feed of the same name.
U2: Revolution

U2: Revolution

Author: Mat Snow
Publisher: Race Point Pub
ISBN: 1937994996
Pages: 240
Year: 2014-10-10
This is the ideal book for (multi-generational) fans of rock music and the band U2 in anticipation of their forthcoming album and world tour. A complete illustrated history of one of the world's most influential and legendary rock band, U2: Revolution is
The Art of the Erotic

The Art of the Erotic

Author: Phaidon Editors
Publisher: Phaidon Press
ISBN: 0714874248
Pages: 272
Year: 2017-10-02
Carefully curated and beautifully packaged erotic art through the ages – 200 works from the world's most important artists. This carefully curated and beautifully packaged book spotlights nearly 200 works from the world's most important artists, including Titian, Paul Cézanne, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Edgar Degas, Edvard Munch, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Lucian Freud, Louise Bourgeois, Francis Bacon, David Hockney, Gerhard Richter, Cecily Brown, Anselm Kiefer, George Condo, and Anish Kapoor. With its chronological organization, The Art of the Erotic provides insights into human sexuality throughout the ages.
Feet of the Chameleon

Feet of the Chameleon

Author: Ian Hawkey
Publisher: Pavilion Books
ISBN: 1909396060
Pages: 300
Year: 2012-11-30
Feet of the Chameleon is a comprehensive study of African football, tracing the development of the worlds favourite sport through the tangled history and complex social and political life of this fascinating continent.
Off Side

Off Side

Author: Manuel Vazquez Montalban
Publisher: Melville House
ISBN: 1612191169
Pages: 288
Year: 2012-06-12
Barcelona’s new soccer star is receiving death threats and Pepe Carvalho, gourmet gumshoe and former political prisoner under Franco, is hired to find out who’s behind it. Pepe Carvalho is set to retire. Content to live out the rest of his days enjoying the best food and wine Catalonia has to offer, his plans are put on hold when an executive from Barcelona's world-famous soccer team pays him a visit. “The center forward will be killed at dusk,” reads the note the executive gives to Carvalho. With that, the detective, former communist, and one-time employee of the CIA, must find out where this note is from. Is the threat real? Is it the work of one person? Or is it one of the real estate moguls tearing Barcelona apart in their battle over the most important properties of Catalonia? Here Montalbán does for the game of soccer what he has done for food. In an exquisite portrait of Spain’s most beloved sport, soccer and politics mix in a gripping mystery about the reckless excesses—and limits—of power. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Dear God, Have You Ever Gone Hungry?

Dear God, Have You Ever Gone Hungry?

Author: Joseph Bau
Publisher: Arcade Publishing
ISBN: 155970540X
Pages: 240
Year: 2000
A Polish Jew, Holocaust survivor, and artist who was portrayed in the film Schindler's List recounts his life during the war and his marriage to a fellow concentration camp inmate, in an illustrated memoir. Reprint.
How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won the F.A. Cup

How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won the F.A. Cup

Author: J.L. Carr
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241252350
Pages: 144
Year: 2016-04-07
'One of the greatest football novels ever written and a comic masterpiece' DJ Taylor 'But is this story believable? Ah, it all depends upon whether you want it to believe it.' J.L. Carr In their new all-buttercup-yellow-stripe, Steeple Sinderby Wanderers, who usually feel lucky when their pitch is above water-level, are England's most obscure team. This uncategorizable, surreal and extremely funny novel is the story of how they start the season by ravaging the Fenland League and end it by going all the way to Wembley. Told through unreliable recollection, florid local newspaper coverage and bizarre committee minutes, How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won the F.A. Cup is both entertaining and moving. There will never be players again like Alex Slingsby, Sid 'the Shooting Star' Swift and the immortal milkman-turned-goalkeeper, Monkey Tonks.