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The New Spirit of Capitalism

The New Spirit of Capitalism

Author: Luc Boltanski, Eve Chiapello
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 1786633272
Pages: 688
Year: 2018-01-16
New edition of this major work examining the development of neoliberalism In this established classic, sociologists Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello get to the heart of contemporary capitalism. Delving deep into the latest management texts informing the thinking of employers, the authors trace the contours of a new spirit of capitalism. They argue that beginning in the mid-1970s, capitalism abandoned the hierarchical Fordist work structure and developed a new network-based form of organization founded on employee initiative and autonomy in the workplace—a putative freedom bought at the cost of material and psychological security. This was a spirit in tune with the libertarian and romantic currents of the period (as epitomized by dressed-down, cool capitalists such as Bill Gates and Ben and Jerry) and, as the authors argue, a more successful, pernicious, and subtle form of exploitation. In this new edition, the authors reflect on the reception of the book and the debates it has stimulated.
The Future Security Environment in the Middle East

The Future Security Environment in the Middle East

Author: Nora Bensahel, Daniel Byman
Publisher: Rand Corporation
ISBN: 083303619X
Pages: 365
Year: 2004-03-12
This report identifies several important trends that are shaping regional security. It examines traditional security concerns, such as energy security and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, as well as newer challenges posed by political reform, economic reform, civil-military relations, leadership change, and the information revolution. The report concludes by identifying the implications of these trends for U.S. foreign policy.
After the Great Complacence

After the Great Complacence

Author: Ewald Engelen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199589089
Pages: 281
Year: 2011-09-29
Argues "that social scientists, governments and citizens need now to re-engage with the political dimensions of financial markets." - cover.
Rabelais and His World

Rabelais and His World

Author: Mikhail Mikhaĭlovich Bakhtin
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253203414
Pages: 484
Year: 1984
This classic work by the Russian philosopher and literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin (1895–1975) examines popular humor and folk culture in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. One of the essential texts of a theorist who is rapidly becoming a major reference in contemporary thought, Rabelais and His World is essential reading for anyone interested in problems of language and text and in cultural interpretation.
What Works in Girls' Education

What Works in Girls' Education

Author: Gene B Sperling, Rebecca Winthrop
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815728611
Pages: 335
Year: 2015-09-29
Hard-headed evidence on why the returns from investing in girls are so high that no nation or family can afford not to educate their girls. Gene Sperling, author of the seminal 2004 report published by the Council on Foreign Relations, and Rebecca Winthrop, director of the Center for Universal Education, have written this definitive book on the importance of girls’ education. As Malala Yousafzai expresses in her foreword, the idea that any child could be denied an education due to poverty, custom, the law, or terrorist threats is just wrong and unimaginable. More than 1,000 studies have provided evidence that high-quality girls’ education around the world leads to wide-ranging returns: Better outcomes in economic areas of growth and incomes Reduced rates of infant and maternal mortality Reduced rates of child marriage Reduced rates of the incidence of HIV/AIDS and malaria Increased agricultural productivity Increased resilience to natural disasters Women’s empowerment What Works in Girls’ Education is a compelling work for both concerned global citizens, and any academic, expert, nongovernmental organization (NGO) staff member, policymaker, or journalist seeking to dive into the evidence and policies on girls’ education.
The Bastard Legion: Friendly Fire

The Bastard Legion: Friendly Fire

Author: Gavin G. Smith
Publisher: Gollancz
ISBN: 1473217288
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-10-19
'High octane SF adventure with Smith's trademark twist' Jamie Sawyer, author of The Lazarus War 'An exceptional talent' Peter F Hamilton In FRIENDLY FIRE, the Bastard Legion are hired to pull off a daring power-armoured heist of propriety tech. A crime-ridden colony world holds the secret to a potential alien contact, and various groups of mercenaries have been hired to discover it. None of the rest of them have little bombs implanted in their heads, though, so the Bastards have an advantage when it comes to motivation. And Miska, their commander and kidnapper both, is still on the hunt for the people who killed her father. People who might still be among her convicts. Getting the tech will be hard. Getting off the planet, deadly. 'a brutal kaleidoscope of imagination' Hannu Rajaniemi, author of The Quantum Thief
What Works in Girls' Education

What Works in Girls' Education

Author: Barbara Knapp Herz, Gene B. Sperling
Publisher: Council on Foreign Relations
ISBN: 0876093446
Pages: 103
Year: 2004
"What Works in Girls Education" summarizes the extensive body of research on the state of girls education in the developing world today; the impact of educating girls on families, economies, and nations; and the most promising approaches to increasing girls enrollment and educational quality.
Youth Transforming Conflict

Youth Transforming Conflict

Author: Nadine Lyamouri-Bajja, Yael Ohana, Ruben Markosyan, Osama Abukatta, Ditta Dolejšiová, Aleksandra Vidanovic
Publisher: Council of Europe
ISBN: 9287167761
Pages: 290
Year: 2013-01-01
In 1998, the Council of Europe and the European Commission decided to take common action in the field of youth. Both institutions initiated a partnership agreement with the aim "to promote active European citizenship and civil society by giving impetus to the training of youth leaders and youth workers working within a European dimension". In 2003, additional agreements were signed in the fields of "youth research" and "Euro-Mediterranean youth co-operation". Since 2005, the partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth activities has focused on the following topics: European citizenship, human rights education and intercultural dialogue, quality and recognition of youth work and training, better understanding and knowledge of youth and youth policy development. The partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth brings together the two institutions' experience in non-formal education, youth policy, youth research and youth work practice. Activities organised within its framework gather representatives of those areas who share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of enhancing evidence-based policy, practice, quality and recognition of youth work and training. Results and other material are made available on the partnership website ( and in various publications, including the Training Kits (T-Kits). T-Kits are thematic publications written by experienced youth trainers and experts and constitute easy-to-use handbooks for educational activities. All activities and publications enhance the exchange of experience and good practice between the actors involved and contribute to the implementation of the political objectives of both partner institutions.
Secession and Security

Secession and Security

Author: Ahsan I. Butt
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 1501713965
Pages: 308
Year: 2017-11-15
"The book is an excellent addition to the scholarly literature on subnational movements, both past and present, offering a range of insights to policymakers across the globe."—Ayesha Jalal, author of The Struggle for Pakistan "With judicious use of empirical evidence and rich case studies, Ahsan I. Butt makes a compelling case that states’ responses to secessionist movements turn to a considerable degree on their external security environments."—S. Paul Kapur, author of Jihad as Grand Strategy In Secession and Security, Ahsan I. Butt argues that states, rather than separatists, determine whether a secessionist struggle will be peaceful, violent, or genocidal. He investigates the strategies, ranging from negotiated concessions to large-scale repression, adopted by states in response to separatist movements. Variations in the external security environment, Butt argues, influenced the leaders of the Ottoman Empire to use peaceful concessions against Armenians in 1908 but escalated to genocide against the same community in 1915; caused Israel to reject a Palestinian state in the 1990s; and shaped peaceful splits in Czechoslovakia in 1993 and the Norway-Sweden union in 1905. Using more than one hundred interviews and extensive archival data, Butt focuses on two main cases—Pakistani reactions to Bengali and Baloch demands for independence in the 1970s and India’s responses to secessionist movements in Kashmir, Punjab, and Assam in the 1980s and 1990s. Butt’s deep historical approach to his subject will appeal to policymakers and observers interested in the last five decades of geopolitics in South Asia, the contemporary Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and ethno-national conflict, separatism, and nationalism more generally.
The Crisis of Political Modernism

The Crisis of Political Modernism

Author: D. N. Rodowick
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 052091516X
Pages: 311
Year: 1995-03-13
D.N. Rodowick offers a critical analysis of the development of film theory since 1968. He shows how debates concerning the literary principles of modernism—semiotics, structuralism, psychoanalysis, Marxism, and feminism—have transformed our understanding of cinematic meaning. Rodowick explores the literary paradigms established in France during the late 1960s and traces their influence on the work of diverse filmmaker/theorists including Jean-Luc Godard, Peter Gidal, Laura Mulvey, and Peter Wollen. By exploring the "new French feminisms" of Irigaray and Kristeva, he investigates the relation of political modernism to psychoanalysis and theories of sexual difference. In a new introduction written especially for this edition, Rodowick considers the continuing legacy of this theoretical tradition in relation to the emergence of cultural studies approaches to film.
Lords of the Land, Lords of the Sea

Lords of the Land, Lords of the Sea

Author: Hans Hägerdal
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004253505
Pages: 496
Year: 2012-01-01
European traders and soldiers established a foothold on Timor in the course of the seventeenth century, motivated by the quest for the commercially vital sandalwood and the intense competition between the Dutch and the Portuguese. Lords of the Land, Lords of the Sea focuses on two centuries of contacts between the indigenous polities on Timor and the early colonials, and covers the period 1600-1800.
Marx at the Margins

Marx at the Margins

Author: Kevin B. Anderson
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022634570X
Pages: 344
Year: 2016-02-12
In Marx at the Margins, Kevin Anderson uncovers a variety of extensive but neglected texts by Marx that cast what we thought we knew about his work in a startlingly different light. Analyzing a variety of Marx’s writings, including journalistic work written for the New York Tribune, Anderson presents us with a Marx quite at odds with conventional interpretations. Rather than providing us with an account of Marx as an exclusively class-based thinker, Anderson here offers a portrait of Marx for the twenty-first century: a global theorist whose social critique was sensitive to the varieties of human social and historical development, including not just class, but nationalism, race, and ethnicity, as well. Through highly informed readings of work ranging from Marx’s unpublished 1879–82 notebooks to his passionate writings about the antislavery cause in the United States, this volume delivers a groundbreaking and canon-changing vision of Karl Marx that is sure to provoke lively debate in Marxist scholarship and beyond. For this expanded edition, Anderson has written a new preface that discusses the additional 1879–82 notebook material, as well as the influence of the Russian-American philosopher Raya Dunayevskaya on his thinking.
The Age of Scorpio

The Age of Scorpio

Author: Gavin G. Smith
Publisher: Gollancz
ISBN: 0575094788
Pages: 320
Year: 2013-04-18
Praised by Stephen Baxter and Adam Roberts, reviewed ecstatically by SFX magazine, Gavin Smith's first novel VETERAN announced an exciting new voice on the SF scene. WAR IN HEAVEN, set in the same universe, followed. Now comes a new standalone SF thriller. Of all the captains based out of Arclight only Eldon Sloper was desperate enough to agree to a salvage job in Red Space. And now he and his crew are living to regret his desperation. In Red Space the rules are different. Some things work, others don't. Best to stick close to the Church beacons. Don't get lost. Because there's something wrong about Red Space. Something beyond rational. Something vampyric... Long after The Loss, mankind is different. We touch the world via neunonics. We are machines, we are animals, we are hybrids. But some things never change. A Killer is paid to kill, a Thief will steal countless lives. A Clone will find insanity, an Innocent a new horror. The Church knows we have kept our sins. Gavin Smith's new SF novel is an epic slam-bang ride through a terrifyingly different future.
Freedom Over the Airwaves

Freedom Over the Airwaves

Author: Jacques Semelin
ISBN: 1943271070
Pages: 312
Year: 2016-11-14
This book on the relationship between communications and nonviolent resistance captures a new understanding of the events that led ultimately to the fall of the authoritarian system in communist Central and Eastern Europe in 1989. In particular, it analyzes history-making acts of resistance and the movements that propelled them in Budapest in 1956, Prague in 1968, Gdansk in 1980 and East Berlin in 1989, in their own historical continuum. As we evaluate each crisis in relation to the others, we find that beyond cultural and national differences among the countries of the Soviet sphere, the knowledge of how to develop resistance was built up in a little over three generations -- a know-how that tied together means of opposition with means of media and communication. Non-provocative, nonviolent methods of action came to supersede uncontrolled forms of violence, and even the mere temptation of armed struggle. From 1968 to 1989, the empowerment of civil resistance movements in Central Europe was witnessed--a phenomenon that strengthened the re-emergence and rebuilding of "civil society." In a new Afterword penned for the English translation, Howard Barrell extends this evaluation to encompass the role of social media and digital technology in more recent and potential resistance struggles. This preeminent study offers a rare addition to understanding the transformation of half a continent.
Year's Best Military and Adventure SF 2016

Year's Best Military and Adventure SF 2016

Author: David Afsharirad
Publisher: Baen
ISBN: 1481482688
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-06-06
The Year's Best Military and Adventure SF series continues! Selected from the top print and online markets, these stories represent the best in modern military sf, space opera, and adventure sf. Tales of brave military men and women, thrilling derring-do, and edge-of-your-seat suspense. Selected from the top markets, both print and digital, The Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF 2016 offers up the cream of the crop in short science fiction today. Stories to get your blood racing, your heart pounding, and your fingers turning the pages. Stories to challenge, provoke, thrill, and entertain. Stories that prove the new Golden Age is now! Plus, you be the judge! INTERACTIVE READER VOTING. One story from this anthology will be chosen via proctored online voting for The Best Military and Adventure Science Fiction Reader's Choice Award, presented at DragonCon in Summer 2017. For more information, go to About The Year’s Best Military and Adventure Science Fiction 2015: “Baen’s fan-guided anthology series roars into its second year with a collection of stories just as eclectic as the first. . . . Afsharirad has put together a refreshing military and SF anthology that will be enjoyed by a wide range of readers.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) About The Year's Best Military SF and Space Opera Volume 1: “This intriguing anthology explores the human race’s violent potential [but] also bends toward exploration and the triumph of the human spirit, with brave tales [that] take the reader on a fascinating, thought-provoking, enjoyable journey . . . ”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) “[A] nice eclectic mix of magazines—hardcopy and digital—and original anthologies. Afsharirad seems to have cast his nets admirably wide. . . . The variety of styles and topics and themes, and the high level of craft in this assemblage, prove that this subgenre is flourishing. . . . [The collection] should be welcome by raw recruits and veterans alike.”—Locus