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Ante la Muerte

Ante la Muerte

Author: Jaume Aurell i Cardona
Publisher: Eunsa
ISBN: 843131981X
Pages: 378
Year: 2002

The Liturgical Drama in Medieval Spain

The Liturgical Drama in Medieval Spain

Author: Richard B. Donovan
Publisher: PIMS
ISBN: 0888440049
Pages: 229
Year: 1958-01-01

The Monastic Constitutions of Lanfranc

The Monastic Constitutions of Lanfranc

Author: Lanfranc
ISBN: 1258668998
Pages: 346
Year: 2013-04

Logic and the Art of Memory

Logic and the Art of Memory

Author: Paolo Rossi
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1847144616
Pages: 362
Year: 2006-01-03
A brilliant translation of this classic account of the art of memory and the logic of linkage and combination, the two traditions deriving from the Classical world and the late medieval period, and becoming intertwined in the 16th Century. From this intertwining emerged a new tradition, a grandiose project for an 'alphabet of the world' or 'Clavis Universalis'. Translated with an Introduction by Stephen Clucas.
An Introduction to English Runes

An Introduction to English Runes

Author: R. I. Page
Publisher: Boydell Press
ISBN: 085115946X
Pages: 249
Year: 2006
Introduction to the use of runes as a practical script for a variety of purposes in Anglo-Saxon England.
The Visual and the Visionary

The Visual and the Visionary

Author: Jeffrey F. Hamburger
Publisher: New York : Zone Books
Pages: 608
Year: 1998
Nine essays exploring the interrelationships between the visual arts and female spirituality in late medieval monastic communities.


Author: Marie Anne Mayeski
ISBN: 0940866463
Pages: 177
Year: 1995
Dhuoda of Septimania was a remarkable Carolingian aristocrat who wrote a Liber Manualis of biblically based practical directions for her at times wayward warrior son. Her method of interpreting the Bible is of special interest: the religious experiences of the Old Testament are seen as shared family experience, rather than allegorical tales as for Origen.
Space, Text and Gender

Space, Text and Gender

Author: Henrietta Moore
Publisher: CUP Archive
ISBN: 0521303338
Pages: 213
Year: 1986
Dr Moore analyses the Marakwet through the relationship between organisation of household and gender relations in a changing society.
Religious Poverty and the Profit Economy in Medieval Europe

Religious Poverty and the Profit Economy in Medieval Europe

Author: Lester K. Little
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801492475
Pages: 267
Year: 1983
"In this stimulating and important book Lester Little advances the original thesis that, paradoxically, it was the leading practitioners of voluntary poverty, Franciscan and Dominican friars, who finally formulated a Christian ethic which justified the activities of merchants, moneylenders, and other urban professionals, and created a Christian spirituality suitable for townsmen. Little has synthesized a vast body of specialized literature in Italian, German, French, and English to write an interpretive essay which pro- vides a new perspective on the interaction between economic and social forces and the religious movements advocating the apostolic ideal of voluntary poverty….Little's book is a major contribution, not only to the history of the religious movement of voluntary poverty, but also to the interdisciplinary study of the middle ages." —Journal of Social History
Tombs, Temples and Their Orientations

Tombs, Temples and Their Orientations

Author: Michael A. Hoskin
Publisher: Oxbow Books Limited
ISBN: 0954086716
Pages: 264
Year: 2001
This study of archaeoastronomy looks at more than 2,500 communal tombs and sanctuaries from around the Mediterranean. After a brief discussion of Hoskin's aims and the methodology for his fieldwork, individual chapters focus on evidence from particular regions: Malta, Gozo, the Balearics, Iberia, southern France, Corsica and Sardinia, Sicily and Pantelleria, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The author concludes that in most of these regions the monuments faced sunrise, or more generally the sun when it was rising or climbing in the sky. Along the Mediterranean coast of France, however, there is a reverse sunset custom; in North Africa tombs faced downhill and in a Minoan cemetery on Crete all the tombs faced moonrise and look towards a mountain on whose peak was a sanctuary probably sacred to a lunar god. 264p, b/w figs and photos throughout, tables (Ocarina Books 2001) ` adorned with dozens of beautiful photographs, technical diagrams, and an extraordinary Corpus Mensurarum.....a living masterpiece in the field of archaeoastronomy ' - Juan Antonio Belmonte, Instituto de Astroficia de Canarias `
Libros Y Bibliotecas en la España Medieval

Libros Y Bibliotecas en la España Medieval

Author: Charles Faulhaber
Publisher: DS Brewer
ISBN: 0729302660
Pages: 213
Year: 1987-01-01

Practical Medicine from Salerno to the Black Death

Practical Medicine from Salerno to the Black Death

Author: Luis Garcia-Ballester
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521431018
Pages: 402
Year: 1994
From the eleventh century to the Black Death in 1348 Europe was economically vigorous and expanding, especially in Mediterranean societies. In this world of growing wealth new educational institutions were founded, the universities, and it was in these that a new form of medicine came to be taught and which widely influenced medical care throughout Europe. The essays in this collection focus on the practical aspects of medieval medicine, and among other issues they explore how far this new learned medicine percolated through to to the popular level; how the learned medical men understood and coped with plague; the theory and practice of medical astrology, and of bleeding (phlebotomy) for the cure and prevention of illness. Several essays deal with the development and interrelations of the nascent medical profession, and of Christian, Muslim and Jewish practioners one to another. Special emphasis is given to the practice of surgery and, the problems of recovering knowledge of a large proportion of medical care - that given by women - are also explored. This collection forms a companion volume to The Medical Renaissance of the Sixteenth Century (1985, edited by Andrew Wear, Roger French and I. M. Lonie), The Medical Revolution of the Seventeenth Century (1989, edited by Roger French and Andrew Wear), The Medical Enlightenment of the Eighteenth Century (1990, edited by Andrew cunningham and Roger French), and The Laboratory Revolution in Medicine (1992, edited by Andrew Cunningham and Perry Williams).
Collecting the Contemporary

Collecting the Contemporary

Author: Owain Rhys, Zelda Baveystock
ISBN: 1910144282
Pages: 623
Year: 2014
Many history museums collect contemporary objects, stories, images and sounds. But reasoned collecting strategies and policies are often lacking. The sheer quantity of available material culture and the complexity of contemporary life leave many confused about how best to document and engage with the present. Collecting the Contemporaryaddresses one of the most fundamental issues facing today's history museums: why and how to engage with contemporary collecting? In a format which is approachable, attractive - and above all actionable, this handbook is packed with stimulating thinking and international case studies from some of the leading practitioners and thinkers in the field. This overview of contemporary collecting in a social historical context is well overdue. Original source material, ideas, developments and research have never before been brought together in a single volume.
Mixed Metaphors

Mixed Metaphors

Author: Stefanie A. Knöll, Sophie Oosterwijk
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443879223
Pages: 450
Year: 2011-05-01
This groundbreaking collection of essays by a host of international authorities addresses the many aspects of the Danse Macabre, a subject that has been too often overlooked in Anglo-American scholarship. The Danse was once a major motif that occurred in many different media and spread across Europe in the course of the fifteenth century, from France to England, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, Spain, Italy and Istria. Yet the Danse is hard to define because it mixes metaphors, such as dance, di ...
The Sorcerer's Apprentices

The Sorcerer's Apprentices

Author: Lisa Abend
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0857201573
Pages: 304
Year: 2011-04-14
It was, arguably, the most famous restaurant in the world and perhaps one of the most significant and influential ever: the legendary 'el Bulli' in Catalonia, which closed in 2011, attained a near-mythic reputation for culinary wizardry. But what actually went on behind the scenes? What was the daily reality of life in the world's greatest kitchen? The Sorcerer's Apprenticestells first-hand the story of a young chef enrolled in the restaurant's legendary training course. It shows her struggle to adapt, how she and the other apprentices learned to push themselves and the limits of their abilities, how they adjusted to a style of cooking that was creative in the extreme and how they dealt with the pressures of performing at the highest level night after night. In past years stagiares have clashed with the severe demeanour of Oriol Castro, the restaurant's chef de cuisine; others have gone on to work at the restaurant. One was sent home each year, unable to fit into the high-wire act that is the el Bulli kitchen. Complicating things even more, the stagiares lived together in shared apartments, so the events and emotions of their personal lives bled more than usual into the professional. The Sorcerer's Apprenticestells these smaller, more human stories as well. At its heart, The Sorcerer's Apprenticesis a quest: it tells the tale of a handful of aspiring young people who submitted themselves to a grueling challenge in order to be made better by it. It also offers an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at the most famous restaurant in the world, through the lens of those who, ultimately, made it work.