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Phantom Noise

Phantom Noise

Author: Brian Turner
Publisher: Alice James Books
ISBN: 1938584155
Pages: 112
Year: 2014-09-01
A soldier struggles to reintegrate, exploring the foundations of the psyche and how history instructs identity.
Room For Improvement

Room For Improvement

Author: John Casey
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307744523
Pages: 256
Year: 2012-11-13
A collection of essays by the author of the National Book Award-winning Spartina describes his obsessive pursuit of a variety of extreme athletic challenges, including an Outward Bound course during a Maine winter, a showdown with a Judo instructor and an unconventional 70th-birthday marathon.


Author: Michael Dillon
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 148322144X
Pages: 134
Year: 2013-10-22
SELF: A Study in Ethics and Endocrinology considers the psycho-physical mechanisms and reactions in human nature and destiny. This book is composed of seven chapters and begins with a description of the complexity of human body and mind, specifically their physical basis and nature of functioning. These topics are followed by a presentation on the issues of homosexuality and hermaphrodism in human, as well as the role of endocrine system in these issues. The discussion then shifts to the psychiatric and psychological aspects of diverse human personality. A chapter examines the psychological distinction between male and female mind functioning. The last chapter focuses on the central problem of human ethics, the so-called ""free will"". This book will prove useful to psychologists, psychiatrists, and research workers who are interested in human nature.
Musings of a Global Nomad

Musings of a Global Nomad

Author: Raja Lala
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491729716
Pages: 180
Year: 2014-03-31
Ray likes to think of himself as a global nomad, belonging everywhere in general and nowhere in particular. Now in his thirties, he jumps at the opportunity to take a six-month sabbatical offered by his company. But as he walks to the airport gate, Ray feels a bit of trepidation; he’ll be giving up his normal life—friends, family, sports, hobbies, and his usual daily life— while he backpacks for the coming half-year. From Thailand to Cambodia and Vietnam, Ray explores cultures, sees breathtaking sights, and savours the cuisine of his many stops. He makes new friends and takes time to examine his life as a single man. It’s a discovery of places and parts that Ray has forgotten existed while he toiled away in the corporate rat race. Although he begins his trip without any ambition of finding himself or the like; he is increasingly intrigued by the question of what he wants from the rest of his life. Will he find love and a lifestyle that makes him happy?
Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy

Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy

Author: Helena Lovendale, Nick Duffell
Publisher: Lone Arrow Press
ISBN: 0007100892
Pages: 239
Year: 2002
Case studies offer insight into how to make relationships work. Each chapter contains such exercises as breathing exercises, making a timeline of the relationship, and thoughts to ponder.
Scarecrow, Doctor of Fear

Scarecrow, Doctor of Fear

Author: Matthew K. Manning
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 1434227642
Pages: 49
Year: 2010
Batman and Batgirl team up to stop the Scarecrow, who has unleashed a fear toxin throughout Gotham City.
The Definitive Guide to Emergency Department Operational Improvement

The Definitive Guide to Emergency Department Operational Improvement

Author: Jody Crane, MD, MBA, Chuck Noon, PhD
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439895384
Pages: 353
Year: 2011-04-22
In a unique and integrated approach, The Definitive Guide to Emergency Department Operational Improvement: Employing Lean Principles with Current ED Best Practices to Create the "No Wait" Department exposes you to the academics behind managing the complex service environment that is the ED. The book combines applied management science and ED experience to create a model of how to improve your emergency department operations. After summarizing the current state of emergency medicine, the book offers an in-depth presentation of Lean tools used in the ED along with basic and advanced flow principles grounded in queuing theory and the theory of constraints. It then shows how these concepts are applied in the emergency department and why they work, supported by a comprehensive case study in which Lean principles were used to transform an underperforming ED into a world-class operation. The authors highlight three commonly referenced intervals in the ED: door to doc (input), doc to disposition (throughput), and disposition to departure (output). After reviewing best practices, the authors explain how to achieve excellence in your own environment by discussing change management, leadership, dealing with resistance, and other critical elements of creating a culture of change. Under any scenario realized by healthcare reform, this book provides the tools and concepts to improve your ED for patients, staff, the organization, and ultimately, society.
The Marriage Prize

The Marriage Prize

Author: Virginia Henley
Publisher: Island Books
ISBN: 0307567907
Pages: 400
Year: 2009-07-22
Few writers can rival the sheer storytelling mastery of New York Times bestselling author Virginia Henley. Brimming with sensual tension, humor, and narrative power, Henley's award-winning novels have enchanted readers worldwide. Now in The Marriage Prize-the third novel in her Plantagenet trilogy, which began with The Falcon and the Flower and continued in The Dragon and the Jewel-this incomparable storyteller returns to medieval England and brings to life a love story so passionate it will take your breath away. Orphaned at a young age, Rosamond Marshal is a royal ward of Eleanor de Montfort, sister of King Henry III and wife of the renowned warlord Simon de Montfort. Under the worldly countess's tutelage, Rosamond learns not only the skills of a chatelaine, but how to wield her female power by dressing exquisitely, conversing wittily, and charming men mercilessly. As she reaches young womanhood, the beautiful heiress is fearful of leaving the security of the de Montfort household and fulfilling her betrothal to the powerful bachelor knight Rodger de Leyburn. Just as Rodger devilishly outmaneuvers Rosamond's strategems to break their betrothal, Prince Edward will accept none of Rosamond's excuses to forestall her marriage. For the prince is determined to reward Rodger, his dearest friend, with a wealthy, noble wife. Slowly Rodger woos Rosamond, convincing her that his love extends beyond her estates and her wealth. But no sooner does Rosamond become Rodger's wife and experience all the exquisite ways a man can love a woman than she finds herself and her husband on opposite sides of a bloody civil war. For Rodger is fighting alongside Prince Edward and the king to quell the barons' rebellion, led by none other than Rosamond's beloved guardian, Simon de Montfort. With the gripping storytelling, vibrant historical detail, and powerful insight into a woman's heart that have made her one of the most popular authors of romantic fiction, Virginia Henley sweeps readers into the most captivating and wildly passionate love story of her career. From the Hardcover edition.
How Indians used desert plants

How Indians used desert plants

Author: James W. Cornett
ISBN: 0937794333
Pages: 64
Year: 2002

Dictionary of Media and Communication Studies

Dictionary of Media and Communication Studies

Author: James Watson, Anne Hill
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1628921501
Pages: 448
Year: 2015-10-22
The Dictionary of Media and Communication Studies has provided students and the general public alike with a gateway into the study of intercultural communication, public relations and marketing communications since 1984. In this 9th edition, James Watson and Anne Hill provide a detailed compendium of the different facets of personal, group, mass-media and internet communication that continues to be a vital source of information for all those interested in how communication affects our lives. They cover new applications and developments, such as the incorporation of Neuroscience techniques in advertising and marketing. Other updates include Cyber-bullying, Twitter scandals, conduct in media organizations, on-line lobbying, global protesting/petitioning, and gender issues relating to social media in general. While new entries explore the profound shifts that have taken place in the world of communication in recent years, the purpose of this new edition is not necessarily to keep abreast of every new media event but to reflect the trends that influence and prompt such events, such as the Leveson Inquiry and Report and phone hacking via mobile phones. Politics seems to be playing out more on Twitter than in The Times. This volume seeks to make its twenty-first century readers more media literate, as well as more critical consumers of modern news.
Hooked on Triangles

Hooked on Triangles

Author: Kristin Bergljot Johannessen, Turid Margaret Uren
Publisher: Martingale & Company Incorporated
ISBN: 1564775461
Pages: 96
Year: 2004
Make measuring triangles a thing of the past! Watch triangle-filled quilts quickly come to life with this easy technique. Stitch triangle squares by using paper foundations or speed-sew techniques. Book jacket.
That's So Gay!

That's So Gay!

Author: Kevin L. Nadal
Publisher: Perspectives on Sexual Orienta
ISBN: 1433827883
Pages: 220
Year: 2017-01-09
This book examines the nature and effects of microaggressions, or subtle forms of discrimination, toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Case studies and interactive questions provide practical guidance for dealing with microaggressions and advocating for LGBT-accepting worldviews and practices.
Teach Yourself Indian Head Massage

Teach Yourself Indian Head Massage

Author: Denise Whichello Brown
Publisher: Teach Yourself
ISBN: 0071426604
Pages: 192
Year: 2003-03-28
Indian head massage has become increasingly popular as an accessible therapy--it is easy to perform on oneself and others, requires no special equipment, and is quick to administer. Now Teach Yourself Indian Head Massage provides a practical, hands-on introduction to the therapy suitable for all readers, addressing the treatment of others as well as self-treatment. It examines the origins and benefits of the art of Indian head massage, as well as preparation (atmosphere, positions for treatment, hand exercises, and reactions), self-help techniques, chakra balancing, self-massage, and common ailments that respond to Indian head massage.
Discrete Systems Simulation

Discrete Systems Simulation

Author: Behrokh Khoshnevis
Year: 1992

The Second Crusade

The Second Crusade

Author: Jason T. Roche, Janus Moller Jensen
Publisher: Brepols Pub
ISBN: 2503523277
Pages: 300
Year: 2015-05-15
A seminal article published by Giles Constable in 1953 focused on the genesis and expansion in scope of the Second Crusade with particular attention to what has become known as the Syrian campaign. His central thesis maintained that by the spring of 1147 the Church viewed and planned the Second Crusade a general Christian offensive against the Baltic pagan Wends and the Muslims of the Iberian Peninsula and the Holy Land. His work remains extremely influential and provides the framework for the recent major works published on this extraordinary mid twelfth-century phenomenon. This volume aims to readdress scholarly predilections for concentrating on the venture in the Holy Land and for narrowly focusing on the accepted targets of the crusade. It aims instead to place established, contentious, and new events and concepts associated with the enterprise in a wider ideological, chronological, geopolitical, and geographical context.